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The Dark Knight Grand Heritage Deluxe The Joker Costume And Mask

The Dark Knight Grand Heritage Deluxe The Joker Costume And Mask

by alphasun

I have to state from the onset, this is my all-time favorite villain of all time. I know you are not supposed to get personal in reviews, but this costume just brings out the boy in me! This Joker costume is no laughing matter, it is the real deal! This is the official costume for the Dark Knight movie from the renowned Rubie’s Costume Co.

What I love most about this piece is the way it makes sure that it turns you into the exact replica of the Joker. The costume includes the purple jacket complete with purple gloves, pinstripe pants, green vest, shirt and tie. It also comes with the multi-colored Joker wig along with a make-up kit that will totally transform you into the super-villain Batman has learned to loathe.

The whole set up is quite exciting really. The kit is made to be self-sufficient. Apart from the shoes, you don’t need to purchase anything else when you have this kit. What’s more, it’s not just that they look alike, they are genuinely good quality items.

One of the most delightful things about it, apart from the careful packaging and hanger that comes with it is the fact that the coat is actually very good. It is heavy and has an internal silk layer. The shirt and tie are also quite commendable, and some users have even considered using them for everyday use. The only concerning bit is the trouser. Most people will find it a bit large and hard to handle, especially since it uses an elastic band to hold them up. This is meant to cover more trouser sizes. Instead of worrying, why don’t you have a pair of purple suspenders ready when you order the costume. Not only will it hold your trousers up, it will look like a natural part of the joker’s outfit.

Ultimately, this is very great value for money. It is comparatively much better than most Joker outfits in the market. I have to give this costume a thumbs up, not because I love Joker, but because it is a genuinely quality piece.

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