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Snake Eyed Skull Fiber Optic

Snake Eyed Skull Fiber Optic

by alphasun

Halloween is all about getting the chilling environment just right. That means you need to have low lighting, scary sound effects and frightening props staged strategically all around. Apart from getting your costume just right, you also need to get the environment ready for the big night, especially if you are hosting a party. The tricky part is making sure that you have the right props that can be seen in low lighting conditions.

This snake eyed skull fiber optic prop is just the solution for you. It combines the two elements that are most necessary for creating the perfect prop. First, it is freaky, no doubt. First of all, it has the appearance of an old looking skull that has been lying around a ruin for a while. It is yellowing and parts of it appear to be cracking, showing that it indeed has been dead for quite some time. The teeth are part chipped, part broken and some are missing altogether. What makes it even more visually stimulating is the bone sticking out from the right side of its mouth.

However, the snake and the large black widow looking spider have to be the most shocking pieces on this prop. The snake seems to have made itself cozy inside the skull and even seems to know which eye socket to use for exiting! The spider has definitely settled down, and even gotten itself a web house on top of the skull. However, they seem to be having a confrontation, or is that how dangerous creatures greet each other?

The fiber optic lights installed all around the skull enhance its visual appeal. They are different colors and located strategically all around the mask. This makes it perfect for placing in a bush, isolated corner or somewhere without light and unexpected! The lights run on 3AA batteries, making it a portable option. The skull is also quite unconventionally large too making it a little more graphic than your average small skulls.

Overall, this is a great prop for your Halloween arrangement. It has a great design, lighted surface and is portable so it can be conveniently placed at strategic spots. What is even more amazing is that it is very affordable too for a prop of its quality!

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