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Scary Lucifer Adult Mask

Scary Lucifer Adult Mask

by alphasun

We all know about the devil. He is the prince of darkness, the great tempter and king of all that is evil. However, he has another name, a much more beautiful name: Lucifer. Lucifer literally means “Morning Star” and is often depicted as a beautiful angel of light. However, for Halloween, we don’t want a pretty angel prancing around, we want a scary face that will shock the living daylights out the trick and treat community. We want to make a frightening impression, so we will stick with the “ruler of the underworld” title.

This mask definitely looks like hell! One look at it and you know whatever creature it is supposed to look like has to have come from the burning pits of the underworld! The extremely grotesque red face gives a scary first impression. You never really get used to it and there is this small uneasy feeling at the pit of your stomach that pops up every occasionally.

Well, no one can really blame you. The artists went all out to make sure that they used their full imagination to inspire fear. The gaping mouth that seems to half mock half growl at you exposes a terrifying set of oversized teeth. What’s more, the slithering tongue hanging out adds an unappealing element. The chain hanging from the ear to the nose and the fiery red and yellow eyes also inspire a sense of dread and doom. And how would you explain a devil mask without the two horns? There is also a line of smaller horns running across its head. Add the wrinkled skin and you have a terrible combination, perfect for Halloween.

This mask is a one-size-fits-all edition. Additionally, it is made out of latex, a material that is sensitive yet much easier to wear than hard plastic, vinyl or even ceramic masks. If you want to truly capture the likeness of this dark prince, you can add a pitchfork, red tail and even a long robe, all which you can purchase separately.

What is particularly interesting is that for all its terror, this mask is available at a much less scary price! So, don’t let Halloween pass you by wearing an average looking mask. Get them good this year with this Lucifer Adult mask.

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