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Rob Zombie Halloween 2 Mask

Rob Zombie Halloween 2 Mask

by alphasun

There was a time that talking about zombies was just another superstitious or science fiction talk. However, recent cannibal attacks by mind-numb people have fueled rumors of an impending zombie attack! This word zombie has its roots in the voodoo culture of the Haitian people. It is said that powerful local witchdoctors have been known to revive the dead and make them do their bidding. These brain dead, animated beings are slaves to their primal needs such as to feed. It is no wonder that they enjoy feasting on human flesh.

However, the chilling Halloween movie released in 2007 inspired this mask. Rob Zombie, the director of this movie, put together a horrific remake of the 1978 original that remains a true horror classic to date. This violent and bloody movie shows that indeed this brain dead beings are to be truly feared, or shot in the head!

The Rob Zombie Halloween inspired mask has all the marks of a real zombie. The pale face, devoid of life and color show that this zombie is truly dead. Also, the spots of rotting flesh and cut up right eye add to the ruse that indeed it escaped from a graveyard nearby. I particularly love the blood smears around his face. This definitely points to the fact that he indeed has been up to no good, and maybe has a victim or two in his zombie accomplishments.

Zombie costumes are easy to accessorize, with all sorts of homemade solutions for make-up and fake blood options. You can wear torn up clothes and use make-up on your hands too! Add a little talcum powder to your hands to make them pale and cover them with a little fake blood. You can even get yellow contacts to add the spook factor. The most important thing is that you have fun with the process.

Please ensure that before you wear the mask that you have plenty of water. It may get a little hot in there, considering that it is plastic. However, the mask itself isn’t uncomfortable to wear. What’s more, it is very affordable too. You can check its price online for some great discounts available now!

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