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Paper Magic 186684 Halloween 2 Michael Myers Adult

Paper Magic 186684 Halloween 2 Michael Myers Adult

by alphasun

Few horror characters inspire fear and dread like Michael Myers. Ever since this character of pure evil graced the screens back in 1978 in Halloween, this character has terrified audiences with his aggressive, violent and demon like killing behavior since. He has been shot, stabbed, disfigured and even burned but has never stopped looking for blood. If you have watched any of the movies this character has starred in, I doubt you would want to ever want the opportunity to meet him in person.

Well, if you fancy scaring the hell out your friends, this is the mask to use. This Adult Michael Myers mask allows you to impersonate this demon like person (is he really human?) for your party. This mask is really easy to wear and maintain. It has holes for your eyes, mouth and even ears, making it easy to breathe and listen around. They also provide aeration, since masks can get uncomfortably hot if not properly ventilated.

The mask’s appearance is scary too, even if you do not know who the dreadful Michael Myers is. The bloodied head, pale skin, and cracked face are pretty shocking in their own right. The hair is okay, though it could have been a bit longer to preserve the authenticity of the mask.

If you want to properly accessorize this mask, I suggest you get some make-up for your hands. You can also look for a “dirty” khaki green overall and boots to match with the Michael Myers film. However, if you want to go over the top, get a bloodied kitchen knife. This is guaranteed to make you look dangerous, even for a dress up party!

The Michael Myers mask is a good choice for those of you who are into the darker and more violent side of Halloween. Out of the many psychotic and violent characters I know, the star of the Halloween movies should surely make the best character choice for your dress up theme.

The quality of this mask justifies the price from a neutral perspective. It would be better for you though to buy this mask online and take advantage of great discount offers and free delivery in order to get the best value for your money.

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