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Man Created Action Mask w/ Moving Mouth Action Adult Halloween Mask

Man Created Action Mask w/ Moving Mouth Action Adult Halloween Mask

by alphasun

Three things make a good Halloween mask. First, it has to have some serious shock value. It has to have the ability to appeal, gross out and insert a little chill at the same time. Well, this Man created action mask with its special moving mouth action does exactly that.

It has this ugliness to it that instills a sense of fear and dread. Its pinkish flesh colored tone complete with its protruding veins gives the impression that whoever it is was literally skinned alive! This takes me back to the Dark Ages and its infamous torture techniques. Whoever this man is also has a very bad diet because they are literally bone thin. The protruding bone lines add to the shock factor that a good Halloween mask surely must have. I love how the creators have made the teeth look all rotten and yellow and even have some choice gaps between them, cool!

What delivers the best shock is the moving mouth parts. Everyone who tries this mask say that this has to be the most interesting feature about it. Some even state that this moving jaw literally got a few kids to be jaw dropping. The black hair adds a dark air to this already gruesome look.

Apart from having the shock factor, the second qualification is that it must be comfortable. Don’t you hate it when you have such a good-looking mask, but you can’t wear it for long because you literally die inside. It is hot, stuffy, itchy, awkward, hard to see and hear….the list goes on. Well, this mask has taken ergonomics seriously and ensured that not only does it fit well and comfortably, it is bearable to wear. The moving jaw is fixed firmly but comfortably to your face while it also creates breathing and talking space. The eyeholes are also great for seeing through and the nose and ear holes make breathing and interaction comfortable.

The third factor is the price! A great mask cannot simply look and feel great; it must also be affordable. What use are all these nifty features if you cannot be able to purchase it at all. I am happy to say that this mask passes these three tests, making it a great option for your Halloween costume!

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