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Hombre Lobo Mask – Costume Accessory

Hombre Lobo Mask – Costume Accessory

by alphasun

Spanish is a passionate language. It is rich in culture, history and superstition. One of the terrifying stories this culture has to pass on has to do with the Hombre Lobo, what you and I refer to as the werewolf. Spanish Catholics believed that these men and women who transformed into werewolves were cursed beings. Some people believed that they entered into an agreement with the devil himself who gave them the ability to shape shift. Others believe that it was a curse that these tortured souls carried because of some sin committed. However, they both feared this mysterious violent creature.

The Hombre Lobo mask carries this Spanish culture of fear to a new level. This fearsome mask makes a great Halloween accessory. Who said that you have to leave the fun to all the kids during this festival? Whether you are watching over your kids as they go trick or treating, dressing up for a party, or simply want an appropriate costume to get in the mood, this mask will do the trick!

The quality of this mask is undeniable. You will fall in love with its large, gruesome teeth and twisted facial features. The lines along the mask give it a terrifyingly ugly look, perfect for turning up the fear factor. However, what really takes the crown is the hair around the mask that really delivers the werewolf look. The long, matted brown hair with streaks of white is firmly attached to the latex mask. Don’t you hate it when you have hair “shedding” from the mask? With this accessory, you don’t have to worry about that.

The mask also fits very comfortably over your face. The tight fit allows your eyes to be properly seen through the mask. I suggest looking for ways to modify your eye color, such as using contact lenses. However, for proper accessorizing, I suggest you also purchase werewolf hands, or should I say claws. With the proper hands, you can strike more shock and fear!

Transform yourself into a beast today with this quality yet affordable mask. For great discounts, you can check online prices.

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