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Hellboy Ii The Golden Army, Adult Deluxe Overhead Latex Mask

Hellboy Ii The Golden Army, Adult Deluxe Overhead Latex Mask

by alphasun

If ever there was a super-hero from hell, then it has to be Hellboy. The tough talking, fearless bravado guy has special talents that make him the ultimate paranormal detective. He has super-human strength, can re-heal ever so quickly and has longevity. What makes him most appealing, however, is his unusual birth and beginnings. This super-hero is literally a demon child, sired by the demon Prince of Sheol and mothered by the witch Sarah Hughes. Despite his not-so-gallant parents, Hellboy has grown up to be the guy who literally gives the bad guys hell!

If this smart talking, ass kicking super hero is your favorite, then this adult mask adapted from the second series of the Hellboy movies will tickle your fancy. This deluxe mask is carefully crafted from latex and takes care to bring out the fiery detail of this beastly hero. His red face complete with minor cuts and his typical tough guy look create a believable copy.

However, it is the signature horn stubs that really get this mask going. According to the series, Hellboy keeps his horns short, probably in order to dissociate himself with his evil lineage. The short stubs on his balding head along with the red face make for an unmistakable impression of the hero himself.

Like most latex masks, this mask when new has a plastic smell that may be uncomfortable. This is a small issue, considering that you only need a little hot water, soap and baking powder to get rid of the smell. The advantage of latex masks over other varieties is that it is more durable and easier to fit. This quality mask also pulls these same advantages, on top of being such a great looking replica.

If you want to accessorize this mask, there exist a wide range of Hellboy merchandise for your choosing. You can get the full accompanying suit, including the hammer hand and the coat. I am sure if you look hard enough, you can even get the oversize pistol dud that he famously carries.

This exclusive mask doesn’t carry an excluding price either. You can get this affordably today for that Halloween experience or fancy dress up party.

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