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Hellboy Full Cut Mens Adult Size Costume, Plus Size (Fits 46-52 Jacket Size)

Hellboy Full Cut Mens Adult Size Costume, Plus Size (Fits 46-52 Jacket Size)

by alphasun

Parties can be so much fun. Dress up parties are so much more fun. They give us an opportunity to create a new identity and engage in a few not-so-usual stuff. Picking the right character for a theme party is very important too. So, who better to pick than the hero from the underworld, Hellboy!

If you are carried away by this tough talking, rock breaking, cigar smoking super hero this full length super hero costume is definitely for you. Please note that this is the officially licensed costume for the movie series. It comes with a polyester Coat, trademark EVA head and a red vinyl headpiece. The coat comes attached with the black shirt underneath too. Included is a red make up kit, just to make sure you fully look the part!

In detail, the coat and shirt are light, but not poorly made. This is makes sure that you don’t have to cover your chest areas with the red paint since no one can see through the shirt anyway. In addition, the EVA hand is light and easy to move about. Some people may sight this as a sign of poor quality. The question you should be asking yourself is, why would I want to have a heavy arm to a party? Won’t this wear you out? I find the weight to be convenient. That said, don’t go try to get into a “hell of a fight” swinging this arm around, it won’t hold up!

The mask is also very realistic. However, you need to handle it with care. Poor storage and rough handling can result in the breaking and falling of the horns and even side burns. In as much as the real Hellboy is indestructible, his headpiece isn’t.

You will have to purchase the shoes and the pants separately, but this shouldn’t be a problem. Also, the red make up kit should be able to cover those areas of your body exposed such as your left hand. This thoughtful kit ensures that you look fiery, just like Hellboy! I find the costume thoughtfully designed and even averagely well priced. It is worth a shot for every die-hard fan.

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